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Hindu and Muslim Innovative Perspective on Addiction

Addiction affects individuals from all religions, races, cultures and ethnicities

by Sanam Naran – Counselling Psychologist
The concept of addiction has been largely studied and conceptualized from a physiological and psychological standpoint. However, there is little knowledge around religious understandings of addiction. As we know, addiction does not discriminate and affects individuals from all religions, races, cultures and ethnicities. Today we delve into the understandings of addiction from  Hindu and Muslim Perspectives on Addiction.

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Behavioral Addiction – How do people change?


Can an individual’s resistance to change hamper their recovery?

Is resistance normal?

by Sanam Naran – Counselling Psychologist

You may be asking yourself some of these questions about Behavioral Addiction, either for yourself or a loved one struggling with addiction. Addiction can ruin lives and have a detrimental effect on all those involved.

Through addiction, one may lose their job, their marriage, their family, their health, their assets and their dignity and self-respect, amongst other things.



12 Steps Recovery from addiction has been described as a ‘voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterised by sobriety, personal health and citizenship’

DR David Webb 12 Steps

While in the right setting, such as a 12 steps rehabilitation clinic, many addicts have little trouble stopping drinking or using drugs, most, if not all, find maintaining sobriety, especially after reintegration back into society and return to normal life, much more difficult.
For the majority, without the long-term support and constant vigilance to curtail impulsive behaviour, it is impossible. In some addicts, incentive salience driven by changes in the limbic brain presents a lifelong vulnerability to relapse.

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